Keynote speeches on improving medical research

Summit Inauguration


The inauguration of the Physician Scientist Summit 2023. It included national anthem, holy Quran, and Dr. Alryalat speech to open the summit.

How to enhance research translation: The case of Singapore

Singapore experience in enhancing translation research

Dr. Steven Ang, vice president of EyRIS, talks about how Singapore boosted its translational research. How they shifted their focus from the number of publications to outcomes from such publications that translate into improved care and useful products.

The use of ChatGPT in medicine and medical research

ChatGPT in Medicine and Medical Research

A conversation with ChatGPT on its uses in medicine and medical research, starting from diagnosing patients to generating research articles, and finally discussing specialties that will be affected by artificial intelligence.

Panel discussion on improving medical research in Jordan

Panel on improving medical research infrastructure in Jordan

A comprehensive panel discussion on how to improve medical research infrastructure in Jordan. The panel included the economist Dr. Jawad Anani, former deputy prime minister; Dr. Ibrahim Bdour, member of senate and neurosurgeon; Dr. Alaadin Halhouli, president of German Jordan University; and Dr. Medi Neimat, head of the international medical research center.

The journey of artificial intelligence company EyRIS from research to multi-million company

Artificial intelligence research to company

How artificial intelligence research can be transformed into a multi-million company. Dr. Steven Ang details the journey of EyRIS from a scholarly publication in 2018 to a multi-million company.

Research workshop

How to come-up with research idea

Research idea generation

How to generate a publishable research idea, validate its novelty, and assess its applicability. This lecture details the first research step, the idea. It provides different strategies to follow for research ideas.

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Sources of data for medical research

Sources of medical data

Medical research is based on data. This lecture details acquiring data, from surveys to open data and even bibliometric analysis. The lecture also provides the needed resources to access such data.

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Basic science research in Jordan

Basic science research in medicine

A guide on how to do basic science research, including the role of Aqaba Medical Sciences University (AMSU) and the International Medical Research Center (iMReC).

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Statistical analysis overview

Statistical analysis overview

Learning statistical analysis is an integral part of medical research. This lecture provides doctors with an overview of what statistical analysis is.

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Advanced statistics for doctors

Data science for doctors

How to be a data scientist using ChatGPT in less than 30 minutes. This lecture details how to perform advanced statistics, including R and python statistics, simply using ChatGPT.

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Artificial intelligence research in medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) research in medicine

How to do artificial intelligence (AI) research in medicine. This lecture provides the basics and resources for AI research using openly accessible datasets. It also provides the resources to learn more at each stage in your medical AI journey.

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Ethical considerations in medical research

Ethical considerations in medical research

Essential ethical knowledge any researcher in the medical field needs. This lecture details what ethical approvals are needed for medical research, ethical pitfalls to avoid, and steps to follow.

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Tips in medical research

Prof. Walid Sarhan experience in medical research

Prof. Walid Sarhan details tips in medical research, from surveys to sample size. He also provided pitfalls to avoid for medical students and junior researchers.

Manuscript writing

Manuscript writing

Writing the manuscript can be easy if we follow the steps provided in this lecture, which are also the criteria provided by EQUATOR network for manuscript writing guidelines.

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Manuscript publishing

Choosing the right journal is a crucial step in quickly and efficiently publishing your research article. This lecture provides an overview on choosing the right journal for your research project.

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