Data cleaning


This Excel Data Cleaning Tool is designed to help medical researchers clean their data efficiently and effectively. It provides an easy-to-use steps for uploading Excel files, inspecting data, selecting columns, and performing data cleaning tasks. Users can replace missing values, merge duplicate entries, and download the cleaned data as a new Excel file. By streamlining the data cleaning process, this tool helps researchers focus on their research projects, leading to more accurate and reliable results.

Instructions for Users

  1. Upload an Excel sheet: Click the "Choose File" button and select the Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) you want to clean.
  2. Preview data: The tool will display the first 10 rows of data from your file. Review the data to ensure it has been loaded correctly.
  3. Choose a column: Select a column from the dropdown menu that you want to clean. The column names will be based on the first row in the sheet.
  4. Replace missing data: The tool will show the number of missing data entries in the selected column. To replace missing data, enter a replacement value in the text field and click the "Replace Missing Data" button. The missing values will be replaced with the input value. If no missing values, Just click "Replace Missing Data" to activate the next step.
  5. Replace abnormal values: The tool will show the values in the selected column. You can select one or more values from the list of unique values and enter a new value in the text field. Click the "Replace Selected Values" button to replace the selected unique values with the new value.
  6. Download the cleaned data: Once you have completed the data cleaning process, click the "Download Cleaned Excel File" button to download the cleaned data as a new Excel file.
Excel Data Cleaning

Excel Data Cleaning