High Yield Medicine

High Yield Medicine

Exploring Key Medical Advances: Insights from the Latest Issue of High Yield Medical Reviews

The latest issue of High Yield Medical Reviews delves into

Summary articles for HYMR Journal: Issue 2

Summary of high yield articles published in HYMR journal in its second issue

Fagan Nomogram calculator

Estimating how much a test will affect the pre-specified probability of having a condition based on Fagan Nomogram

How to Write A Case Report: Practical tips

A practical guide on writing and publishing a case report

Systematic review protocol template

Systematic review template for better planning of systematic reviews

Welcome to High Yield Medicine

Welcome & Instructions

Topic: Survey Study Methods

Auto-figure creator

Automatically create the optimal figure by simply choosing the column to visualize

Manuscript template

A guideline-based manuscript template for observational studies

Mean Estimator Calculator in Meta-analysis

Mean Estimator Calculator is used to derive the mean from the median and interquartile. This is important to enhance the coherence of data used in meta-analysis.